Call for a Free Estimate:  (403) 671-1809

Call for a Free Estimate:  (403) 671-1809


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With more than 10 years of experience in the roofing business, you know you can trust CR Roofing Limited to handle your roofing, siding and eavestroughing needs. CR Roofing will carefully repair, install and maintain your home's exterior. More than just professional services, we also work with top-quality products to ensure the job is done right!

Emergency Repairs

Is your roof is damaged and leaking? When you are in need of help in a hurry, call CR Roofing!  Our team of emergency repair personnel are licensed and insured professionals to handle your emergency repair needs.  Rain or shine, when you need emergency service in the case of a severe leak or bad storm damage, we're here to help!

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diagramThe eavestroughs on any home are absolutely integral to keeping everything safe, dry and in proper working order. Roofs are graded for a reason, and the amount of angle your roof is manufactured to can make all the difference when it comes to drainage and runoff.

Any obstruction in your home's drainage system and you could be looking at a potential source of flooding and mildew. There was a time when most homes were made simply to drain water off the leading edges, but today a variety of eavestroughs technologies have arisen to handle this precipitation head on.

CR Roofing installs quality Seamless Gutter systems

Protect your home from water damage by preventing water from sitting against your foundation and leaking into your basement.

Whether you are installing new gutters onto your home or replacing old ones, there are a variety of reasons to choose Seamless Gutters.

Seamless Gutters will never leak and will stand up to harsh winters. Keep ice off your walkways and stairs, and protect your home and family.


The benefits of going seamless

  • Seamless gutters are superior to their sectional counterparts because they minimize leaks.
  • Even well-constructed seams with ample sealant can start to wear away over time, allowing water to escape the gutter system.
  • Seams also form ridges along the bottom of the gutter, backing up small amounts of water and giving debris plenty of opportunity to form a blockage.
  • Seamless gutters avoid this problem altogether, making them much easier to clean.
  • Since they're formed from a single sheet of metal, seamless gutters have a more uniform look than sectional pieces.


Roofing Checklist

Take it from the top!

So, what should you look for when inspecting your roof? You should do a roof inspection at least two times a year -- spring and fall. The best place to begin is inside your house -- grab a flashlight and make a trip to the attic.

Here are four things to look for on the inside:

  • Places where the roof deck is sagging. 
  • Signs of water damage or leaking.
  • Dark spots and trails.
  • Outside light showing through the roof.

Exterior Check

When you take a look at the exterior of the roof, pay attention to such things as damaged flashing, missing shingles, curling, blistering, buckling, rotting and algae growth (which occurs most often in humid climates and appears as dark or greenish stains).

Here's what to check on the outside:

  • Visually inspect your roof for cracked, torn, bald or missing shingles.
  • Scan the roof for loose material or wear around chimneys, vents, pipes or other penetrations.
  • Watch out for an excessive amount of shingle granules (they look like large grains of sand) in the gutters -- this is a sign of advanced wear.
  • Check for signs of moisture, rot or mold. Note that wet spots may not be directly under your faulty shingle; water can travel down to its lowest spot before it drips. Mold, fungi and bacteria can grow quickly -- within 24 to 48 hours of a water-related problem.
  • Examine the drainage, and make sure gutters and downspouts are securely attached. Also ensure all drains are open and allow water to exit, and all gutters and downspouts are free of debris.
  • Check that all bath, kitchen and dryer vents go entirely outside of your home, not just into the attic space. C

Check the simplest solutions first

If your roof has water damage, don't jump the gun and assume you need to start all over with a brand new roof. If your roof was properly installed and is less than than 15 to 20 years old, it can often be repaired rather than replaced.